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The UK is going through something of a heatwave at the moment and so the last thing we need is to put the covers on. But wait... due to a strange quirk of the English language, a "cover" can also refer to a song that someone else has recorded previously! Who knew?

I surprise myself at how hilarious I can be sometimes. My wife often disagrees and I've noticed that she develops periods of deafness on occasion.

Anyway, we've been scouring the internet for some incredible cover versions by under the radar artists and cor blimey, guv'nor, we've found some absolute gems!

Liela Moss

The 80's produced some incredible music and one of the best known artists of the time was arguably Eurythmics. Liela Moss takes one of their most popular tunes "Here Comes The Rain Again" and slows it down to create this beautifully ethereal version


1987 saw Crowded House take Song of the Year at the ARIA music awards with their amazing "Don't Dream It's Over". There have been many covers of this tune Island's version is definitely up there with the best.

Lamont Dozier & Jo Harman

There cannot be anyone in the world who hasn't heard The Four Tops' "Reach Out, I'll Be There" but few will have heard it performed like this! Lamont and Jo strip the song back to a piano, a choir and came up with this beautiful Gospel version

International Teachers Of Pop

Another song that most people have heard is Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" from their 1979 classic album "The Wall. But have you ever wanted to hear an electro-pop version of it - in German? Well, thanks to International Teachers Of Pop, your prayers have been answered!


Located above the village of Batheaston in Somerset, England is Solsbury Hill, the inspiration behind Peter Gabriel's 1977 hit of the same name. Another song that has been covered many, many times, but Canada's Bossie brings an amazing pop energy to the song

Mercury Machine

Taking massive songs from the 1980's and improving on them is not easy, particularly those songs that are so often heard, such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "The Power of Love". However, Manchester's Mercury Machine gave it a dark synth pop twist and created this masterpiece


bis complete our list of cover versions, taking what is arguably Joy Division's best song in the whole world ever "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and adding their unique electronic punkness, creating this high energy version that reminds me just a tiny bit of Steven Hawking?


Do you agree with us? Tell us which of these cover versions you like. Or, do you know other under the radar bands that have amazing cover versions? Comment below!

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