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EP Review: "Disorder," the debut release from Liars Teeth

The problem with releasing an incredible debut EP is that it makes any follow-up such a difficult act to follow. This is the problem that Liars Teeth will face, following the release of "Disorder" - a four track piece of pure brilliance.

Liars Teeth are a four piece atmospheric rock band from London. Their sound drifts from a delicate ambience to a massive wall of sound with effortless ease and "Disorder" takes you between both of these extremes in a glorious twenty minute journey. Made up of Alex on vocals, Josh on lead guitar, Rico on bass and Russell on Drums, the band recorded the entire EP in Russell's garage - and it was Russell who produced this masterpiece.

They describe their sound as somewhere between Interpol, Pixies or Soundgarden, but I'd like to add another name to this mix, that of the mighty Muse. The lead track, "Night Blooms" demonstrates all that I mean in just one song. Beginning with a rolling drum beat and atmospheric guitars, Matt Bellamy-esque vocals with that tortured soul tinged style, before you're hit by huge, chugging guitars that drag you into the massive chorus.

On a similar note, "Gold Beast" brings another level of guitar riff, growling bass line and those ominous rolling drums, you can feel the build up to the chorus from the get-go. And when it arrives it's absolutely bloody awesome! In sharp contrast, "Lost Blood" is a much slower, more intense track. I think it's fair to say that the guitars in this track are some of the best I've heard for quite some time. There are vocals on this tune - but not many. It's nice to hear the whole band being able to express themselves and demonstrate the absolute talent these guys possess.

"No Path" brings the music to a close. The first thing I noticed about this song is the unusual time signature... try keeping beat with this one! There's some great bluesy guitar to get you in the mood and some restrained vocals that tease you into believing the song is going to being a gentle, atmospheric tune but that thought soon fades when the chorus brings everything to a head. A nice surprise is the middle section - a sublime change of direction, changes of chord sequence and timing, before you're brought back to the chorus with a crash.

Sometimes it's difficult to put into words how good an EP is and this is definitely one of those times! As I said at the start, "Disorder" is going to be a very tough act to follow but I have a feeling that if they can keep up this level, Liars Teeth are going to have a very big future

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