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Ever wondered who is on my personal playlist?

Spotify is a wonderful platform for streaming music and every now and then they curate some pretty amazing playlists! This month they created a list of the songs I've listened to the most throughout the past twelve months and within it were some awesome artists that we've mentioned here previously. If you ever wanted an insight into my own listening preferences, here are a selection for you to enjoy!


Perhaps it's no surprise to find electro-rockers IAMWARFACE on the list as they are quickly becoming a very big name in the music scene right now. They released their debut album "Year Of The Dragon" earlier this year and we've been following the band over the past 12 months.

Their songs "Fear The Future," "Say My Name" and "Your Don't Love Me Any More" are all high-energy electro rock tunes but it's the sublime "Closer" that I wanted to feature here.

2. Best Not Broken

It's probably also no surprise that Best Not Broken feature heavily in the list too. These guys were squarely on our radar long before It's Indie was even a twinkle in my eye! They've had a busy year with the release of their brilliant singles "Red Flags" and "Kids" as well as their long awaited EP "When Yesterday Comes". From this release comes the fantastic "Brain"


It's difficult to believe that METHODS had only ever released a handful of singles previously - but what absolute bangers they were! "Fires" and "Mankind" are firm favourites, with their synth-pop vibe and they were joined this year by the massive "Back Of Your Hand", the first single to be taken from their debut EP "Anything"

4. Murica

We have a lot of time for Murica. They consist mainly of Ben and Josh, with occasional other members lending their musical talents when needed. Ben is also an occasional member of my own band and so seeing Murica do so well makes me pretty proud!! Their music is often featured on videos by YouTube star and absolute nutter, Colin Furze.

5. Giant and the Georges

Giant And The Georges crashed onto the scene in 2018 with their awesome song "Dopamine" and was followed by three songs that couldn't be any more different from each other if they tried! "Just Another Day" is a powerful ballad-like tune, "Blind Love" brought a reggae-rock feel to the proceedings and the latest single "Butterflies" is simply stunning

6. The Garage Flowers

This four piece band blew me away when I heard their incredible song "Red Hot Military Audition" and reading about their backstory, the way they fought to make a name for themselves was truly inspiring. They released their debut EP "Moods Like English Weather" this October but I was genuinely GUTTED to hear that the band have decided to call it a day.

7. The Impersonators

Hailing from Finland, The Impersonators are Tom Tikka and Terhi Suominen. They have been prolific with their music this year, releasing the impressive Sad Cafe EP and ending the year with their newest single Circus. They write some pretty infectious pop music!

8. Def Neon

It's Indie were chosen to debut Def Neon's brand new single this week but that's not the reason this electro pop duo ended up on the playlist. It was in fact their song "Rotoscope" that gets played over and over on the It's Indie speakers. It may be 3 years old but it's a firm favourite here!


They crashed onto the scene in the late Summer here at It's Indie Towers but they quickly became firm favourites with their infectious indie pop tunes. Two of their songs made it to our 100 most played tunes, the fabulous "They Want You" and the equally brilliant "Nobody"

10. Skuve

It is terribly narcissistic of me but the list wouldn't be complete without Skuve! This year we released two albums within the space of three months - the album we consider to be our best work ever, "Chameleon" dropped in September but it somewhat overshadowed our June release "Deviate" which contained my favourite Skuve track, "World Keeps Calling"


There were many other amazing artists that appeared on the playlist which featured everything from Erasure to Fall Out Boy. However the fact that over half of the artists to make up my most listened to tracks are not household names just shows how good the quality of these up and coming artists are.

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