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February Finds - Part 1

Bringing you a special selection of tunes from the desk of It's Indie!


Gefahrgeist "Nukular"

Scottish Electronic Pop duo Gefahrgeist return with their second single Nukular - a dark ambient song that invites you to view the world from inside a nuclear explosion.

Beginning with piano and haunting vocals, before erupting into a wall of synths and drums, Nukular is a powerful statement of intent from the duo who we feel have something quite different to offer.


Our rating: 8.8/10


Alex Frew "Something To Hold On To"

Returning with the follow up to the brilliant Antisocial Love Song, Alex Frew presents the equally brilliant Something To Hold on To.

Once again drawing from his own self-doubt, depression and anxiety, the song tells of addiction, from the point of view of the addiction itself, as it tries to convince the victim of its importance and establish itself as something you might need to hold on to. A very clever pop tune that provides further confirmation that Alex Frew, with his intelligent and well-constructed music, is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.


Our rating: 9.1/10


So Called Chris "Let You In"

Lockdown has meant that the band The Slow Day had the opportunity to launch individual projects, the first of which is So Called Chris, from bassist Chris Adams.

Let You In is the lead track from the debut EP. It's a soft rock tune with some great guitar riffs and some honest, fragile vocals, sneaking in a somewhat unexpected drum track as the song moves along. A very accomplished debut single, and the perfect track to introduce you to the EP, Solitude.


Our rating: 8.6/10


Purple Smoke "Jigsaw Pieces"

Keeping with the rock vibe, Purple Smoke return with their new single Jigsaw Pieces.

Another song that looks into the depths of mental health, the band deliver a tune that has all the ingredients you need for a solid rock song - guitar riffs a-plenty, driven along by the drums and bass and finished off with a super-catchy chorus that you're unlikely to forget in a hurry!


Our rating: 9.0/10


CMagic5 "The One"

You know when you hear a teen singer and you think "blimey, that's an impressive sound"? Well, let me introduce you to CMagic5.

The One is contemporary pop that serves to allow this pint-sized powerhouse to show her sassy-yet-soulful vocals to their full potential. This is an electronic driven pure dance piece and is a perfect little package that would not be out of place on any pop chart. We've been told to expect similarities to Toni Braxton and Dua Lipa, but we also get shades of Ariana Grande, which is never a bad thing!


Our rating: 9.4/10


Kaitee Page "What Day Is It Today"

It's a question most of us have struggled with during all the pandemic nonsense. What Day Is It Today is the debut single from Dallas based synthpop songstress Kaitee Page.

Inspired by the lockdown and political protests, What Day Is It Today expresses exactly what we're all feeling right now - every day is the same. And people are strange. The song is filled with atmospheric vocals and electronic soundscapes that come together in a way that reminds us somewhat of Dubstar from the 90s - anyone else hear that?


Our rating: 9.1/10


Jonny Starkes "Lay It On"

Our round-up is rounded off perfectly with the return of one of our favourite finds of last year, Jonny Starkes.

Jonny has a soulful, gritty voice that is perfect for his folk/country songs. Lay It On is hauntingly beautiful, talking of relationships, understanding each others' role, realising each others' good and bad points and learning how to appreciate all that you have together. Acoustically driven, it allows Jonny to really express his heartfelt emotion into the vocals, creating a truly powerful performance.


Our rating: 9.0/10


A pretty eclectic selection, don't you agree? Show your love for the artists by clicking the "heart" icon below and don't forget to follow them all on social media!

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