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February Round-Up - Part Three!

Welcome to part three of our quick-fire tour of new music finds for February. This week, we're bringing you nine of the freshest, juiciest tunes from some very promising artists that you may not yet have discovered. With everything from post-punk to pop, we think there's something here for everyone!


Introducing: The Slow Day

Manchester based indie rock trio The Slow Day recently released their grungy-rock powerhouse "I Can't Sleep" and their heartbreaking "Home" showed it's face soon after.

"Home" reminds us of many things - the guitar has a 3 Doors Down "Here Without You" vibe, vocally there's a twinge of Axl Rose and there's a big slice of Coldplay in there too. It's a dramatic, powerful song, beautifully executed.

The band are made up of Adam Moss (vocals & guitar) Chris Adams (bass) and Paul Barker (drums). Although they have only been recording music since late last year, the quality of music they are producing is out of this world!


New Music: St Lucifer "Razor"/"Eraser"

St Lucifer have been around for a while but they have a knack of re-inventing themselves, returning each time with something different. We've had metal, we've had Drum n Bass and we've had indie rock.

Their new releases, "Razor" and "Eraser" are both high-speed electronic bangers. "Razor" is spiky and angry, a little over 2 minutes long and driven by an aggressive guitar hook.

"Eraser," on the other hand, dispenses of the guitar altogether, with an almost chant-like chorus.

It's driven by some hyperactive synths and the spoken lyrics are reminiscent of The Shamen, from way back in the 90's.


New Video: Average Joe "Taxi"

Some pretty famous people have emerged from Stoke-on-Trent. Lemmy, for starters. And Slash. And Robbie Williams, of course. And... err... Anthea Turner. But now you can add Average Joe to that list.

We've all been there. Faced with the heartbreak of a failed relationship, a trip top the local boozer is in order... "Taxi" tells this familiar story of embarrassing yourself in a drunken conversation with an ex, to the backdrop of a grooving bassline, bluesy and boozy, interspersed with brass stabs and led by Mike Skinner-like vocals. If The Streets were from up here in the North, this is exactly what they'd sound like!


New Music: The Pretty Visitors "Mystery Woman"

We first found The Pretty Visitors last year with their incredible retro-sounding rock song "High Sailing Blues" and were promised new music was on it's way.

Well, here it is... released on Valentines Day, "Mystery Woman" is a classic indie rock sounding track with all the right ingredients for an absolute classic. The song gets going without delay, straight in with music and vocals that immediately introduce you to the chorus that you'll have in your head throughout the song. Musically, it has hints of Oasis and other "Madchester" era bands. It's certainly a long way from their previous releases - much tamer and more contemporary. Definitely worth the wait!


Introducing: Paige Blossom

Here's a name for you to commit to memory. Paige Blossom (formerly Paige Essence) is a 16 year old songstress from Toronto and she's set to make a big name for herself in the years to come.

Paige is gearing up to release her debut EP, ‘Vincent” appropriately titled, after her debut single, “Van Gogh.” You can hear her

personal musical influences of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Demi Lovato weaved throughout her EP.

Since mental health and bullying are issues

dear to her heart, you will experience in the lyrics, the pain, the darkness and the triumphs of walking through true to life events. Giving back with her music is something that is important to this emerging young artist.


Introducing: Nafsica

As if one super-talented young lady wasn't enough, allow us to introduce you to Nafsica.

She was signed to Universal Greece at the age of 9. She's opened for John Legend and recently celebrated her Broadway debut as lead vocalist of Rocktopia.

She has recently an intimate and emotionally-drenched single titled "Lately". Reflecting on the start of a new relationship, she recalls the moment she feels herself falling in love - with butterflies in her stomach, and excitement for what's to come. Released on Valentine's Day, it's a song of love, unity, and trusting yourself.


New Music: The Novus "Frosty"

The Novus are Connor (vocals), Tom (guitar), Tyla (bass guitar) and Euan (drums) all hailing from Stourbridge near Birmingham. They're a post-punk band with some serious grunge going on.

Their new single "Frosty" was released on 21st February and it's one of those tunes that need to be at full volume. It's a love song - but not your regular ballady love songs!

Described by The Zine as being "Like Black Sabbath’s art raged grandchildren" they've been filling gigs in their area with their stage antics - dressed in boiler-suits, full make-up, wardrobe and a caged lead singer.


New Music: Nick Byrne "Houses"

Houses is the poignant new single from singer-songwriter Nick Byrne. Featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar with hushed, emotive vocals – and just a dash of electric guitar, it was released on 20th February.

The song explores themes of nostalgia and seizing the moment, and considers the significance of a house further to its literal implication. To Nick, a house is not just a home — and in some cases it might not be. As the lyrics portray, a house represents history, family and belonging, and is a metaphor applicable to life in general.

This latest offering was inspired by a trip to Liverpool where Nick came across streets of empty houses falling into ruin – but opens by focusing on his relationship with his father — a builder by trade. The chorus urges the listener to seize the moment: “I know you have time, don’t you pass it up”. However, Nick chooses to leave the listener with an optimistic message, and amongst the swell of strings towards theend of the track, Nick declares “this feels like home” - an end to a journey that has taken.


New Music: The Rezner ""Wouldn't You Like To Know?"

Without a doubt one of the most exciting up and coming bands around at the minute, The Rezner are skyrocketing to indie triumphs and now they’re kicking off their 2020 as they mean to go on. Their brand new single Wouldn’t You Like To Know’ is a real in-your-face statement of intent from the Cornwall 4-piece.

Renowned for their chaotic live shows and fearless performances, they’ve been showcasing their sound across the UK throughout 2019, and off the back of their previous single ‘For Myself’, they’re pulling out all the stops yet again. Featuring incredibly infectious lyrics and a vocal hook that will be rattling around venues in no time, Wouldn’t You Like To Know comes in the form of a knockout punch and transcends their incredible DIY ethic over the last two years. Screeching guitar work and a pounding backbeat lay the foundations for a riot of a track that will do some serious damage on the dancefloor. On creating the track, lead singer Sam Stone added:

“Inspired by the buzz of the crowd at recent shows, 'Wouldn't you like to know' puts you straight into the mind of a character who is preparing to sack the day off work. He has lost the plot with everyone who surrounds him at his day to day job and is preparing arguments to have in his own head before they have even happened, which is driving him to the brink of insanity. He often wonders if they will even notice when he doesn't turn up to work. Wouldn't they like to know? Where he's been? Where he's hid? Where he's going to be for the day? This is Something that the younger generation of workers face on a day to day basis, and we've had enough.”

Catch The Rezner live in March:

March 1st – Bristol – Crofters Rights March 7th – London – Kernow In The City – Rich Mix Shoreditch March 11th – Falmouth – Fives March 20th – Plymouth – Underground with The Velvet Hands


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