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Flight of the Humblebee

Here's something very special from Portsmouth's Colour Of The Jungle. Their brand new single "Humblebee" tells the story of how the human race has taken it's toll on the environment and it sees the band team up with to donate the proceeds of the single to Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The charity aims to conserve bumblebees and their habitat.

Colour of the Jungle are a five-piece rock band from Southsea. Made up of Jack (vocals), John (bass), Dan (drums) and Joe and Brendan on guitar. They released their debut EP "The Jungle Book" in 2018 and critically acclaimed single "Steel Tray" in 2019 before moving on to "Humblebee"

The single highlights how the human race has forged selfishly on in our greed and continued to overlook the damage we have done to the planet and how, if we continue on this path, we are ultimately destroying our future.

The idea behind ‘Humblebee’ came from events in frontman and lyricist Jack Evans' life. “My sister had gone to a bee farm after her fight with leukaemia and my friend was struggling with a cocaine habit. These events inspired my lyrics. Everyone has stuff going on whether it’s happy or not. I try to deal with my ups and downs by writing songs and each one marks that point in my life”.

The song itself starts with a simplistic acoustic guitar and builds throughout, bringing in vocals, bass and kick drum to drive the song forward. It seems to inspire an urgency as the chorus develops, the drums and guitar lifting the tune to an anthemic level, reflecting the urgency of the message behind the song. The vocals, gritty and determined, deliver the message with the authenticity and passion that the song deserves, reminiscent maybe of Kings of Leon or Kongos.

Colour Of The Jungle are a refreshing spin on the garage rock scene and I feel that they're going to go a long way and I highly recommend that you give their previous recordings a spin.

Listen to "Humblebee" below but also check out their brilliant live cover of Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" here!

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