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Fresh Faced Youngsters "Narrow Margin" release debut single "kids don't dance"

Panto season rumbles on. They're behind you! Photo: Jake Kelly

Narrow Margin are one of the freshest young acts on the vibrant Manchester music scene - but don’t expect typical “Madchester” sounds. They turned heads in 2019 with their raw, energetic and entertaining live shows, including a support slot to the K’s at Academy 2 and a sold-out headline at the Deaf Institute. Narrow Margin are: Ian Spiller, Ben Etches, Danny Hollinworth, Herbie Hursthouse and Jake Etches and they released their debut single "Kids Don't Dance" on 10th January. It's already a firm favourite and dancefloor filler at their record label’s ‘sister’ nightclub, 42nd Street, AKA “42’s” in Manchester.

The song’s lyrics reflect some of vocalist Ian Spiller’s frustrations: “Kids Don't Dance is about the apathy and indifference that plagues much of society today. The bubble mentality people use to segregate themselves and the sense of entitlement that many people have, without showing any sort of passion towards anything, makes me deeply uncomfortable and long to have been born in a time when people seemed to have more purpose. That's not to say there aren't those that care; these are the people our music is for”

The song certainly lives up to the hype. The hyperactive drum roll introduction sets you up for an energetic romp through a post-punk pop song which has one of those catchy choruses that stick in your head. I found myself singing it whilst making a cup of Horlicks, much to the amusement of my children.

As debut singles go, this one is right up there with some of the best we've seen here at It's Indie Towers. Reminiscent of The Libertines or The Kooks, this is a promising start for the band and we're certainly looking forward to seeing how things develop for these lads in the coming years.

Now, where did I put my slippers...

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