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Gotta Reardon Love 'em...

80’s nostalgia is gaining momentum; New Wave bands are touring and The Cure headlined Glastonbury.  We are riding the crest of that proverbial wave and there is no sign of capsizing.

Obsidian, the second single to be released makes zero exceptions.  Coined as “the only love song this band will ever write”, Obsidian is a complex tale of a tragic first encounter, and whilst deciphering the lyrics may take some time, there is certainly value in every line.  As the song reaches its climax you are presented with an optimistic message of perseverance and altruism... A message which cannot be ignored.

Reardon Love started to take shape in the late summer of 2018. Matt Fletcher had already began composing songs with a very clear message and vision, when he reached out to aspiring musicians through various online advertisements. Dan Wilby, a local bass guitarist is first to respond to Matt and it’s not long before Jed Pearson is brought in to provide drums and percussion. Seeing that this was quickly taking form Dan reached out to an old University friend going by the name of Josh Chesman, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Having already drawn regular comparisons to the likes of Blossoms and Pulp, supported established acts such as Scouting for Girls, Republica, Hinds, Red Faces and RATS and an arena show confirmed at the end of the year, 2020 looks set to be very bright for the band.

Obsidian is releasing on all streaming platforms on 19/09/19.

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