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Husk - Feeling Heat!

Don't you hate it when you get that itch on your back and you can't quite reach it?

Growing up a hairbrush diva in the truest sense of the term, HUSK was fed a diet of the melody-centred pop that the 80s and 90s were best known for, with iconic artists such as Madonna, Eurythmics and Girls Aloud as staples. Now, HUSK infuses these early influences with the best of modern pop including the sultry textures of Nadine Coyle's (Xenomania-produced) solo work, energetic Robyn style arpeggiators and the off-kilter rhythms of Little Dragon.

New single Feeling Heat is a bouncy, synth filled piece of 80s electronic-style toe-tapping pop. We're talking Years and Years meets Everything Everything, shortly after they jumped into a DeLorean with a flux capacitor and went back to a time when electronic music was prevalent.

Feeling Heat oozes the danceability of the nostalgic era it eludes to but brings it bang up to date for the current audience. It's complexity is it's simplicity - each time you hear the song there is something new to hear, yet the blend seems effortless and familiar - just like that shellsuit and dodgy perm you had back then. Or was that just me?

The face behind HUSK, Alfie talks about the track's origins: 'Feeling Heat was a difficult write for me, but once we got it in the studio, everything we tried just worked! The layers in the track make it really special, and give it the tension release the song is all about.'

Since the starting of HUSK in 2018, they have had the honour of playing at Manchester International Festival 2019, Pride in Hull - where they performed to a crowd of 15,000 people - and a supporting slot with New York band The Blow.

Feeling Heat is released on 1st November via AnalogueTrash

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