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Introducing: Dean Wallace and the Black Flames

We had a little chat with Dean Wallace, front man for Dean Wallace and the Black Flames. Enjoy this one!

Black and White photo of four men. Two are leaning against a wall, one sits on a window sill and the fourth sits on a  pallet. Dean Wallace and the Black Flames, as featured on
Dean Wallace and the Black Flames

I'm Dean Wallace and I am the singer, lead guitarist and songwriter of the band. In the Black Flames we have Neil Garrod (bass), Thiabud Pontet (drums) and Pit Burnt (guitar). We are based in Chamonix, France

What genre would you describe yourself as?

We are somewhere between rock and metal. Our style is very versatile, we have some fast metal songs, some groovy hard rock songs, some ballads, some prog stuff. We usually present ourselves as a heavy rock band.

Who is your main inspiration?

Musically, our style is inspired by metal bands from the late 80's, and early 90's (Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera). I'm also a big fan of Queen, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, and Michael Jackson, and I try to mix all these influences.

What is your songwriting process?

It starts with a guitar riff, which gives the overall feel and groove to the song. I record the riff on my DAW, and add some drums and bass. I then concentrate on the vocal melody and the structure. I try to get a good-sounding demo, and if a song is good enough to be released, I record everything again, and I write the lyrics at the last moment.

What made you want to start in music?

My brother used to play in a hard rock cover band, and I took some piano lessons, so as a young kid, music was already around me. At the age of 13, I came across a Metallica documentary on MTV, and I fell in love with the band and the genre overnight. I borrowed my brother's guitar and learnt all their repertoire in a pretty short period. At 18, I formed a band called WHYMPER with my brother, and that's when we started to write our own songs.

What is on the horizon for you?

We are going to release a 4 tracks EP in April 2024 through our label THE ANIMAL FARM MUSIC. We released our first single in October ( and our next single was released on December 15th. This lineup is very recent, so 2023 was about finding some musicians, labels... and 2024 will be about releasing new material and finding gigs.

Who would you most like to collaborate with (alive or dead) ?

Vinni Paul (Pantera) was a great drummer, probably my favourite. And I also think his brother Dimebag was the best guitarist of all time. These two fellas were incredibly talented and passionate. So I'm gonna say the Abbott brothers.

What is your ultimate goal?

I am a pro guitarist and singer, so I already make a living out of music, but only thanks to cover songs. My goal now is to make a living out of my own songs. I also want to put this band on the road and tour as often as possible.

If you could cover any song, what would it be?

It would be an old French song called "Les Uns Contre Les Autres" (against each other). I'm sure it would sound great with our attitude and sound.

A very important question: when making tea, is it milk first or last?

Haha, milk last!

Finally, tell us your funniest joke!

Two old men chatting on a bench. The first one asks: "How heavy is a fart?" The other one answers: "A fart is just gas, it weighs nothing". The first one says: "Damn it, I just shit myself then".

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