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Introducing: The Ovines

If you haven't stumbled upon The Ovines yet, then you are in for a treat!

Known as one of Kents finest indie punk trios, The Ovines crashed onto the scene in 2018 with their single "Arbitrary Gardens", setting out their stall straight away - gravelly, powerful vocals punctuating an energetic guitar based wall of sound. This was followed quickly by the supercharged ska monsters "Fire in a Meth Lab" and "Fish Tank".

Skip forward a few months, and in late 2019, the band dropped their debut, self-titled EP - five tracks from these guys, knitted together with just the right blend of indie punk and ska. Lead track, "Mind of Mine" has a sound reminiscent of Ash, Shed Seven or even Suede (for those of you old enough to remember them!) It's probably the least "heavy" of the collection and has a huge Oasis-esque guitar solo midway through.

The excellent "Ten Street Mile" however, is right up there with some of the great rock songs - spiky, punchy distorted guitars deliver a bed track that set you up for a ride, one that continues with the equally brilliant "The 'Chilla". Both tracks get right up in your face and deliver their growling fierceness with relentless aggression.

A little less angry is the funky little number, "Two Bucks" which reminds me, for some reason, of Franz Ferdinands "Take Me Out". And then... just when you think the band have forgotten their Ska influences, the magnificent "Waiting Room" pops up to bring the record to a conclusion, cleverly fusing both ska and punk into one hell of a tune!

We're pretty sure that The Ovines will have new followers flocking to see them. Pop over to Spofify and hear The Ovines' debut EP!

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