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Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla

Their Facebook page describes them as "The Joest, most invisible and most gorilla alternative rock band on the planet" and of that, there is no doubt.

The band start their weekly one-eyed stare-off and, as usual, the loser would pay for the next weeks' electricity bill.

Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla are a hard rock/alternative rock band from Marburg, Germany. They have been together in their current line up since the beginning of 2018.

The band started with Benni (bass) and Mike (guitar), who had both been in bands before. They were soon joined by vocalist Aline, with her distinctive voice and drummer Hussein. Their previous bands spanned every branch of rock - soft to alternative to metal, creating a sound that is as rich and as diverse as their crazy concocted band name might suggest.

The band's sound is inspired by artists like Led Zeppelin, Audioslave and Garbage. Their songs talk about everyday life.

Their new EP is called No Title, continuing their quirky nature. It's six tracks of raucous guitar, thumping drum beats, acrobatic bass lines and silky smooth vocals. It's a combination that shouldn't work, like mustard flavoured ice cream. OK, maybe not that... but you will be surprised.

I'm off to try mustard flavoured ice cream. You should listen to "Surreal" by Invisible Joe and The Mushroom Gorilla below.

PS... the ice cream was as disgusting as it sounded. Take my word, don't try it.

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