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Is Yours A Mundane Mardy Life?

August 30th saw the release of The Waah-Kin Tribe's latest single, "Mundane Mardy Life" and it's a cracking tune at that!

When not recording banging tracks, the band like to help with a spot of house removal. Lovely sofa, Mrs Goggins

The Waah-Kin Tribe (an anagram of "habit ink weather," which makes no sense so I'm not sure why I mentioned it) are three lads from Scunthorpe in the North of England and they're bringing their unique brand of alt-pop to the party.

Their first single, "Holding Up The Mirror" is a bouncy tune that has shades of Scouting For Girls or The Feeling and the inevitable Arctic Monkeys comparisons. But don't let that sway your opinion, these guys stand up on their own and are definitely unique enough to make you sit up and take notice.

And so, to Mundane Mardy Life. From the very first piano riff, you can tell this is something special. Lyrically, it's a poke at those boring folk who sulk at every available opportunity. We all know them, people who need to get a life and stop moaning about everything. A fun vampire, if you will.

It's a little over three minutes long and fires along at a fair old pace. The ultra cool, catchy chorus and punchy guitar solo serve to lift the song into a huge pop anthem worthy of some serious attention from the music industry. It's nice to hear a good old fashioned piano hammering away in the background but equally nice to welcome a familiar pop vibe and hear a vocal that is honest and clear.

And it's great to hear the word "Mardy" being used so liberally!

It's still early days for The Waah-Kin Tribe (anagram of Tibetan Hawk Heir, but that joke didn't work the first time, so why try again?). But I have a feeling that they've got a bright future - they're picking up some followers and radio stations are starting to take notice. Have a listen to Mundane Mardy Life below and give the guys a cheeky follow on Facebook. They've promised me free biscuits for every new fan they get!

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