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It's Indie 2020 Music Awards

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

As the end of the year races to meet us, our Music Awards voting rolls on at a relentless pace. To date, we have had over 1,600 votes (over 2,100 if you include the duplicate votes that had to be discounted) - and there's a long way to go yet!

Its Indie Music Awards Banner

You can vote for your favourite artist in each category once per day - voting closes at midnight on New Years Eve and any one of the awesome artists can win in their category!

Its Indie Album Of The Year button

We waited ages for each of these albums, and they were definitely worth the wait! The shortlist for Album of the Year is:

M-40 "Play The Game"

INEGO "Departures"

Jekyll "The Whispering Gallery"

in earnest "in earnest"

Its Indie Single Of The Year Button

Competing for Single of the Year are five songs that took our breath away:

Alex Ohm "Hours"

Slye "Waiting"

Michael Baker "Baby Books"

in earnest "come upstairs"

Family Jools "Georgia"

Its Indie Video Of The Year Button

Creating videos while social distancing must be quite difficult! However despite the problems, these five incredible videos made the shortlist for Video of the Year:

New Language "Paranoid"

INEGO "Phoenix Arizona"

Berne "Stay"

Dramalove "Written In The Stars"

Demi The Daredevil "Not Having A Blast"

Its Indie Artist Of The Year button

Voted for by our followers in our Beatdown competition, who should be Artist of the Year?

Jonny Starkes

Tony Goff & The Broken Colours

Lissy Taylor

Seth Daniels

The Slow Day

For The Girl

Feed Your Wolves

Its Indie Chart Legend button

Our final category is something a bit different. Each of the songs has broken records in our Top 40 and are already Chart Legends - but which should take home the crown of Ultimate Legend?

Camens "Leave Me In Pieces"

Alex Ohm "Hours"

Slye "Waiting"

in earnest "come upstairs"

The Last Of The Fallen Angels "Phase IV"

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