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Let's Cut To The Chase...

Friday 15th November saw the release of "Cut To The Chase," the debut EP from Bristol's indie rock band, Pompadour.

Yet again, Tamsin "forgot" to get they guys a Slush Puppy. Photo by Tom Dodd Photography

The band formed in early 2018 when friends Tamsin Sayers (vocals/bass) and Kearney Day (guitar) decided to leave their previous band, pulling in best friend Toby Holbrook on drums. They've been busy touring, writing and recording , with their latest single and first release from their EP "Point Blank" being released in October, a song that smacks you in the face from the start with it's aggressive guitar intro and funky bassline following, ironic as the song is about conflict and how someones mood can affect a whole room.

"Cut To The Chase" is a riotous 5 piece release, filled with ominous basslines, rolling drums and moody guitars, topped with Tamsins infectious vocals throughout. Upbeat and powerful, there are no weak songs here, just five marvellous examples of what indie rock should sound like.

Now, to pick a favourite track would be a bit like having to pick a favourite child. A simple task if you have only one, but there are five top quality tunes to choose from here! If you pushed me for a choice though, I'd have to go for "Catch Me If You Can". It would seem I'm not the only one with this opinion, as it's been receiving a lot of attention from BBC Introducing.

Catch Me If You Can brings those ominous basslines to the forefront with vocals that have a feeling of Garbage or Elastica, as you're taken on a journey reminiscent of 90's grunge.

The EP is jam packed full of great tracks and there's something here for all indie rock fans - highly recommended!!

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