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Lightning Reviews 10 May 2020

We are loving all the new indie music from under the radar artists that has been coming our way recently and it seems that there are some real gems out there at the moment! So let's bring you another selection of lightning reviews, where we attempt to review tracks in 30 words or less.

1. The Now "Special Kind Of Stupid"
The Now "Special Kind Of Stupid"

South Wales four piece The Now release "Special Kind Of Stupid."

Nice and loud is the order of the day for this rock song that will rattle your fillings!

Our rating: 8.7/10

2. KEEF "Satellite"
KEEF "Satellite"

With elements of Bowie and a sprinkling of Floyd, Satellite ambles along with some cleverly intertwined musical elements, creating what can only be described as an epic piece of work.

Our rating: 8.3/10

3. Crossfire Eagles "Episode"
Crossfire Eagles "Episode"

Sheffield's Crossfire Eagles release "Episode" - a tribute to the homeless on the city's streets.

Delivered in an upbeat and catchy way, "Episode" does well to shine a light on this important subject

Our rating: 8.5/10

4. Birthday Card "Radio Star"
Birthday Card "Radio Star"

Up tempo alt-pop from Birthday Card with "Radio Star."

A liberal sprinkling of autotune gives the vocals an Owl City vibe. This is a great contemporary pop tune!

Our rating: 8.9/10

5. Plastic Cowboys "Not As Cool"
Plastic Cowboys "Not As Cool"

Dublins Plastic Cowboys bring pop punk rock with "Not As Cool"

With an air of 90's indie, in your face guitar and aggressive vocals take the song to stratospheric heights!

Our rating: 8.6/10

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