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Lightning Reviews - 2 May 2020

Now that we've finally passed the longest April in the history of time, longer even than that period between Christmas and January's pay day, we can bring you our first Lightning Reviews of May - where we try to review some great music in 30 words or less. We've got a really eclectic selection for you in this edition, so let's dive right in!

1. Hudsun - Shutdown
Hudson Shutdown It's Indie Lightning Review
Hudsun "Shutdown"

30 words? I need only one: Wow!

Hudsun's "Shutdown" is eerily lo-fi... delicate to begin with but massive and distorted at the chorus. An absolute masterpiece!

Our rating: 9.7/10

2. The Kecks "Modern Girls"
The Kecks Modern Girls It's Indie Lightning Review
The Kecks "Modern Girls"

Multi-national group The Kecks blast back on the scene with new single "Modern Girls"

Distorted voices and piercing guitar riffs make this an instant indie rock classic.

Our rating: 8.9/10

3. Lissy Taylor "Wildflowers"
Lissy Taylor "Wildflowers" It's Indie
Lissy Taylor "Wildflowers"

Ethereal, breathy and enthralling vocals makes Lissy Taylor's "Wildflowers" unmissable.

A beautiful track which provides a perfect summary of Taylor's incredible talents as both singer and songwriter.

Our rating: 9.0/10

4. Layo "Cry Baby"
Layo Cry Baby It's Indie
Layo "Cry Baby"

Dripping with 80's sounding synths and electronic drums, "Cry Baby" is one for those who remember shell suits and sweat bands...

This is a real earworm!

Our rating: 8.2/10

5. The Silent Mile "Set Me Free"
The Silent Mile Set Me Free It's Indie
The Silent Mile "Set Me Free"

Vermont emo pop punk quartet The Silent Mile take you on a musical rollercoaster as the song emerges from a delicate base into something huge, then back down again. Phew!

Our rating: 8.1/10


Each of these artists would love your support - it'd be great if you could follow them on Facebook or stream their music on Spotify!

Hudsun on Facebook and Spotify

The Kecks on Facebook and Spotify

Lissy Taylor on Facebook and Spotify

Layo on Facebook and Spotify

The Silent Mile on Facebook and Spotify


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