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Medusa, gnomes and goats - whatever next?

Medusa, formed in 1998 in Blackburn, Lancashire, have certainly had an interesting history. They've been through many lineup changes but always fronted by guitarist and vocalist Julian Molinero.

Medusa front man Julian Molinero in... errr... Hollywood. Photo by Nikki Hebert

The band hit the headlines in 2006 when they allegedly stole Russell Brand's garden gnome. When Brand invited the band onto his show, they allegedly sneaked a goat into the studio, which proceeded to eat the stars clothes and leave a very special present in his dressing room...

The rock/punk band, is now confirmed to be recording the next album with infamous Nirvana/Pixies producer Steve Albini at his studio 'Electrical Audio' in Chicago in just a few month's time!

They recorded their last album 'Headcase's Handbook', a very polished and commercial sounding album with Deaf Havana producer Lee Batiuk in 2014 and this new album 'In Bed with Medusa' is going to be a much darker/intimate and very raw album, in typical Steve Albini tradition. The band took an 18 month break from live performances, so singer/guitarist Julian Molinero, could focus on writing the dark material.

"In Bed With Medusa" - the band's 4th album, is due to be released later this year

Medusa has also just arrived back in London from Hollywood where filming took place for one half of a new video to a track from the upcoming album called 'River Phoenix'. It involved miming vocals on the Sunset Strip outside the Viper Room where the actor River Phoenix famously collapsed from a drug overdose, and later died, in 1993. The band already has several tens of thousands of views on their music videos on YouTube and with this new album and music video is expected to get a lot more attention headed its way.

Have a listen to Medusa on Spotify and see the video for the excellent "The Sweetest Elixir" below

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