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Milwaukee's The Splitz release Mortality Curve!

After a long musical absence The Splitz return to release "Mortality Curve"- the follow up to 1992's indie release "Minus One".

The Splitz sprang to life during 1986 in the suburbs surrounding Milwaukee. Founding members John Jaco (guitar/vocals) and Scott E. Berendt (drums/vocals) along with Mark Arnold (bass), Tim McEvoy (lead vocals), and Dan Schneider (Keyboards) would embark on a musical journey free from the binds of Top 40 corporate compromise. They remained active until 1992.

The band seem to have been reunited after a spoof post on Facebook that announced a grand reunion was on the cards. Whilst this wasn't in fact part of the plan, the guys decided that maybe it was time to reform and bring the Splitz magic back to life.

"I am elated to be working with Berendt again; we've always had a Yin and Yang relationship musically. The Splitz had so much left to say/do as a group, that by bringing Mortality Curve to fruition, we've finally come full circle ", says Jaco.

Jaco and Berendt revived The Splitz and combined their talents on this new recording, which finds the duo in solid form. The effort is focused on modern social divide, the maladies/pitfalls of humanity, and government corruption.

Marrying the sub-genres of Power Pop/Prog Rock with synth elements hearkening back to the Post Punk New Wave era, The Splitz create their own Alternative niche.

The band is currently offering streaming/download of Mortality Curve on Bandcamp and Reverbnation. CD’s are available through the band and eBay.

I missed The Splitz the last time. I'm glad I haven't missed them this time!

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