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Musical chameleons Skuve release their new album... Chameleon

As bands go, Skuve are a pretty anti-social bunch. Not only have their fans never seen what they look like, they don't even know what each other look like, having never met. And so it is that they shall forever remain four commissioned cartoon characters, trapped in a world of brightly-coloured anonymity. Yet, despite this minor inconvenience and the fact that there are several thousand miles between them, Skuve have managed to write and record their third album in two years.

Skuve find it easy to change their image. All it takes is a bit of Tipp-Ex and some felt tip pens

Formed in 2017 via a collaboration website, the band started out as Mack (Sweden) and Davv (UK) and were soon joined by BK (USA) and Ben (UK). They couldn't think of a nickname for Ben. Who knows if it's his real name anyway? Personally, I bet he is actually called Kevin or Barry.

"Chameleon" is their second album in as many months. It's a collection of 12 tracks, each with a country rock core but with shades of pop, rock and even a track that's verging on Hard Rock.

The album opens with "Within Our Reach", with lyrics that tell of hope for the world. It's a sound that sets the tone for the rest of the album and it's good to hear that they haven't let go of their signature country rock style.

Other notable songs are "The Silence" - the nearest thing they have ever done to contemporary pop while, even here, shades of country rock shine through. And then there's "One Day" which takes over the mantle of being the nearest thing they have ever done to hard rock. Both songs seem a little out of place but still feel "right". It's a common theme in all of their albums to date... you wonder why they put this song on the track list, yet it somehow feels like it should be there.

The record draws to a close with "Miles Behind Me" - a poignant reminder to the band that they're all knocking on a bit - and "The Manuscript" turns the country up to the max, complete with obligatory banjo and catchy chorus.

Listen to Chameleon on Spotify and check out the video for "The Silence" below

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