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New Laciste album "II"

Laciste are back with their latest album, "II". It follows their 2017 self-titled album and is made up of 5 tracks of electronic elegance.

Laciste are LA based duo Pauline Laciste and Zane Guindon. They combine a mixture of soft ethereal vocals, fuzzy synths and heavy drum and bass to create a unique, mellow, yet upbeat shade of electronica.

II begins with "Heart Body Soul," which sets the tone for the rest of the record. If you think of Massive Attack's "Angel", you're on the right track.

Laciste taking a break from their punishing 2 hour stair-climbing regime

Possibly my favourite track on the album, "Get Up" breaks the mould slightly - far fewer moody synths and less ethereality on the vocals, bringing an unexpected but not unpleasant change in direction for the album.

You can catch Laciste live at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, LA on August 11th

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