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New Music Alert - Abandon Ship! "Wrong Again" EP

The long awaited debut EP from Hampshire based quartet Abandon Ship! has finally arrived - and it was absolutely worth the wait!

Abandon Ship! are an indie rock with anthemic group vocals and catchy hooks. Made up of friends Luke Burywood (Vocals/Guitar) and Jordan Baggs (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Martin Sylvester (drums) and Clayton Deakin (bass).

They released their debut single "NYE" in 2018 and it's great to see a stripped down version of this song appearing on the new EP, "Wrong Again", which was released 5th February. This new version is much more of an ambient, spacey sound which gives the song much more meaning than the original. Gone are those strong guitar riffs, making way for acoustic guitar and twinkling synths, a backdrop for an emotional vocal performance that turns this good song into a great one.

Another song that has already seen the light of day is the upbeat "Say The Word" which was released as a single in 2019. Here's another great little song with just the right blend of catchy guitar and catchy chorus to allow the song to be classed as an anthem. It's one of those tunes that's going to sound incredible in a packed auditorium.

A switch in direction is the uber-contemporary "Better Days" which has that sound of one of the bands stated influences, The 1975 - the full-on indie guitar-driven pop/rock sound that has become a firm favourite. There's a flavour of The Covasettes or Marsicans in here and that's never a bad thing!

And so to the title track, and it's the real jewel in the crown. "Wrong Again" is perfect radio-ready pop - a real ear-worm that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the EP. Upbeat and bouncy, the guitar riffs repeat over and over, as all great songs should. The chorus is simple and repetitive, ensuring that you can sing along and burning into your brain. It's as if the band have read "How to write the catchiest song in the world" (which isn't available in all good bookstores). And there is the secret - it's simplicity is what makes this song perfect.

Pretty impressive stuff and definitely ones to watch out for!

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