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New Music Alert: Pretoria "Skinny Dip"

Michigan's Pretoria are back with a new song and it's the perfect antidote to the never-ending miserable weather we're having over here.

"Skinny Dip" is a cool piece of indie surf-pop, conjuring images of beach parties and boards, inviting you take a swim in *ahem* your favourite outfit.

The repetitive but frenzied guitar riffs build a familiarity throughout, keeping the song running along, getting the party started as the alcohol flows, before breaking down into a chanting chorus, perhaps of a group of friends sitting around a camp-fire, a little worse for wear.

The song is in stark contrast to the bands last offering "Gently" but continues to highlight the bands versatility which has seen them release genre-blending music since their debut song "Lafeyette Ave." back in 2018.

A word of advice. Skinny dipping is not recommended in the North Sea in February. Trust me on this one.

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