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New Music: Alex Ohm "Hours"

Another artist returning to our inbox is the uber-talented Alex Ohm, with the release of his amazing new track "Hours", with all proceeds from the track going to the mental health charity MIND.

The song follows "Going Nowhere Fast" from earlier this year and is taken from the forthcoming EP due soon.

Keen to help in any way possible, Alex did not hesitate to dedicate the proceeds to charity. ‘These are strenuous times and a lot of services need all the help that they can get. The Corona pandemic is having a huge impact on people’s mental health and Mind is a charity that provides a wide range of support for children and adults struggling with these issues. It’s important to remember that not everybody is lucky enough to have support from family or a good circle of friends to talk to. It is essential to help these services anyway we can and I hope that what I am doing will provide people with the support that they need.’

"Hours" is a real gem of a track, another indie rock anthem with a huge anthemic chorus and a mellow breakdown. It is filled with outstanding performances from every direction - vocals, lyrics and every musical instrument come together to produce a truly incredible song. Donations to MIND can be made by clicking here.

Why Alex Ohm is not already a household name is beyond us.

Our rating: 9.6/10


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