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New Music: Alleyways "Dumb"

As you get old, like wot I am, you start to lose your memory a bit. This has been highlighted by the fact that I've been sitting on this for 4 weeks and missed the release date. It's almost like my memory is starting to go. Apparently it can happen to people when they start getting a bit older.

Let me introduce you to Alleyways. These are a Leeds based 5 piece who (up until fairly recently) like to hang out in the dairy aisle at their local Co-Op, blocking the path of both myself and Mrs Goggins. Honestly, the youth of today...

Alleyways are one of those rarest of breeds, the DIY Pop band. They've been around since 2017 but have decided to take the huge step away from the relatively safety of indie rock and dip their toes in the murky waters of pop.

Their new single "Dumb" takes the idea of indie pop and sticks every available bell and whistle onto it, so much so that you'd be forgiven for temporarily forgetting the earlier indie rock style. Yes, there are still the essential indie style guitar but this song goes massively down the synth route with some huge 80's sounding synths and topped with some sweeeeet vocal effects.

The song pokes fun at the social media sheep culture and invites you to "do something Dumb" - not virtually, but in the real world.

Coming off the back of their latest release ,which hit 10,000 streams in just over a month,’Dumb’ brings something completely new to the scene combining classic Indie with mainstream, melody driven, Pop. With fans consuming music at an incredibly fast rate, ALLEYWAYS give you something to latch on to, cherish and sing back at their shows from when it first hits your ears. You’ll be singing ‘Dumb’ from the second chorus, and screaming along with the guitar solo straight from the 80s.

Singer Dougie Turner comments “This is my favourite of our songs to date. I can’t wait for people to hear what we’ve been working on as the ethos behind our music is something I truly care about. There’s not enough time to be worrying about trivial things and getting caught up negatively in viral culture so we should just enjoy what we have and have a good time. Now that we have focused solely on writing Pop music I feel we can express ourselves, and these ideas, better.”

It's great to see artists step outside their comfort zone and try something different. The pop sound is a perfect fit for Alleyways and we're looking forward to hearing some more great music from these guys.


Artists would love to know that their music is helping people through these difficult times. Why not take a moment to visit Alleyways on Facebook? And it would be awesome if you could stream their music on Spotify. It will mean a lot.

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