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New Music: Amela "I'm Alright"

Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela has built on her new soaring pop sound, following up from first single "Blame" with "I'm Alright".

Amela is building a following in Australia since the release of her LP "Somewhere In Between" in 2017, which saw her track "Push and Pull" receive national airplay and was sampled in Allday's "Codeine 17".

This song was actually written with the intention of collaborating with Allday but Amela decided to record the song herself, seeing it going first from a folk/indie track into its current form, a smooth piece of electronic pop.

Amela has collaborated with diverse international electronic producers including Astre, Clovr, as well as Sydney rock band Bad Pony. She has also recently performed at the Woodford Folk Festival with Bosnian folk band Cardak and was a Gold Coast Music Award finalist alongside Amy Shark.

With a new album due later in the year, Amela hopes to bring a fresh sound and expand musically, giving fans an exciting new journey to join with her. With her new single "I'm Alright" having been made possible by receiving a grant through the Gold Coast Activate Music program, it's not hard to see the Sia-inspired artist reaching new heights. 


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