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new music, anyone?

2021 was pants. I think we can all agree on that? Here at It's Indie Towers, we found that the whole music review thing became a bit too much and loads of amazing songs passed us by.

Well, we're addressing that!

We'll be bringing back reviews in abundance. We'll be resurrecting our charts (because who doesn't love a good chart?) and we'll be announcing our favourite music releases for the year. It's going to be like the good ol' days!

Let's talk about new music...

Whilst we haven't been doing many reviews, we've still been on the lookout for some awesome new music for you. We have quietly been building several Spotify playlists and there should be something for everyone! Visit our profile to find our regularly updated Rock, Pop, Chilled, Beats, Country/Folk and Fiery playlist - you might find a new favourite!

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