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New Music: Bianca Aristia "Isolation Trap"

Updated: May 27, 2020

It's always a treat when artists we have previously featured return with new music and it's delightful to hear from Bianca Aristia again!

Bianca Aristia Isolation Trap It's Indie
Photo credit: Jorg Singer

Bianca has a bachelor’s degree in Voice. She began writing at a young age and cites her motivations as the huge voices of Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston and her powerful voice certainly reflects those influences. Her voice took her to the quarter finals of The Voice of Germany.

It seems entirely appropriate that the track is titled "Isolation Trap" considering the situation we all find ourselves in currently. We are faced with issues and emotions new to us all and being cooped up heightens all of those thoughts and feelings to a greater degree.

Bianca took the situation as a source of inspiration to create new music. The message is to connect with yourself and other people, even in times like these. It’s the only way to escape your own Isolation Trap.

The whole song is self-made, from songwriting to music production, mixing, mastering and even the artwork with only 2 people involved – the singer herself and her keyboard playing producer Lennart Jahn. The song, which is part of her upcoming Corona-inspired EP is kept very simple. Pop guitars are the leading element combined with fresh R&B drums, which are very essential for a Bianca Aristía original, of course topped by the singer’s excellent and soulful vocals.

The song is a positive message to everyone in these uncertain times. We’re all in this boat together, so we might as well connect and share our experiences, even if it’s not possible on a physical level. With this heartwarming thought in mind, go ahead and enjoy the new single Isolation Trap by Bianca Aristía.


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