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New Music: Da'Vonte Skillz "Never Enough"

Easter is just around the corner and that means different things to different people. For many, it's the religious significance. For others, it conjures images of Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs. For me... it's the chance to use a collection of puns I've been sitting on for months, such as "Hippety-Hop music" and "can't contain my eggcitement"


Da'Vonte Skillz. There's a name you're going to hear more of in the future.

Da’Vonte Skillz is a Miami, Florida native who’s the oldest of 3 siblings. Born Dontrell Johnson, he grew up with a burning passion for music production, singing, acting, dancing, & writing. He attended the New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL where he honed his skills as an incredible entertainer.

His new song, "Never Enough" is a glass and a half of smooth R'n'B, a song of eggcellent quality. Da'Vonte has a singing voice that has shades of The (Easter) Week'nd or Jason Derulo but with much more emotion and thoughtful lyrics. It's without doubt a song that you'd hear on the radio and there is no visible distance between Da'Vonte Skillz and those big name artists.

Armed with an impressive vocal range and some silky backup vocals, the production quality of the track is impeccable. We highly recommend you hear this and keep Da'Vonte Skillz' name on your radar!

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