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new music: el di3go "shore"

Updated: May 31, 2021

The brainchild of Dominican artist Diego Guerrero, El Di3go embraces the positive aspects of life in his new single ‘Shore’. Inspired by the sounds of Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar, he draws together pop, hip hop and reggaeton creating a genre-defying and boundary-breaking sound.

At only 10 years old, Germany-based El Di3go became interested in music listening regularly to pop and rap artists. He took to pursuing his dream of becoming a musician by writing music and rapping at age 15 and forming the boyband Habama Brothers at age 16. Since then, Diego adopted a DIY approach and started producing, mixing and mastering his own material. Noting the importance of writing his own music, he has released 7 original singles on Spotify, 2 music videos on YouTube and gained over 135K Spotify streams.

With a melody in his head and a song in his heart, Diego uses music as a catharsis and means of escapism where he can feel free and be himself. Using steady beats with interspersed guitars, the recently released ‘Shore’ is a rich and harmonic expression of hopeful optimism. Combining contemporary pop with cleverly arranged hip hop styles, Diego showcases innovativeness, eclecticism and a tender warmth in the toe-tapping tune.

“’Shore is about not complaining about life and showing more gratitude instead. You should do what you think is right and also stand by what you do and be responsible for your actions. The message of the song is to believe in yourself and hence be able to achieve anything. I wanted to write the song to remind people and myself of how beautiful life can be.” – El Di3go on ‘Shore’

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