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new music for june (part 1)

Yes, yes... I know what you're thinking. "Those lovely folks at It's Indie have been very quiet recently." And it's true, things in the world of "real life" kinda got in the way... but we're back now, and we're here to bring you a smashing set of great new tunes throughout June. So, without any further ado...


The Academic "Kids (Don't End Up Like Me)"

A timely warning from The Academic with the release of their addictive new single Kids (Don't End Up Like Me) - a cautionary tale warning against apathy.

With lockdown inviting vocalist Craig Fitzgerald to thumb through his collection of forgotten lyrics, breathing new life into this marvellous little tune, the first to be taken from their forthcoming Community Spirit EP.

I gotta say, this is one of the catchiest little numbers I've heard in quite some time. Curse you, The Academic... now it's stuck in my head for the night!

Our rating: 9.4/10


Hannah Slavin "I Don't Have A Clue"

Another by-product of the lockdown is Hannah Slavin's new single, I Don't Have A Clue. A modern pop song, infused with RnB, was written while Hannah was questioning what to do with her life. It was inspired by the endless days of self doubt and the negative spiral of emotions that one might find themselves influenced by. However, instead of a dark, brooding song, Hannah brings her signature upbeat twist!

Our rating: 8.9/10


Good Morning TV "Entertainment"

A touch of melodic indie pop in the form of Good Morning TV's Entertainment sees some spangly guitar riffs topped by airy vocals, creating what has been described as a messy and adventurous song and compared to a narcoleptic roller coaster. I'm not sure about the latter - I do know that the song is very clever, filled with light and shade... marvellous!

Our rating: 8.9/10


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