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new music: honey&eve "i speak through storms"

Honey&Eve lets you delve into something much deeper with their new dark pop single ‘I Speak Through Storms’ (Night Drive Version). Together they create moody alternative pop music with shades of cinematic soundscapes.

Honey&Eve are a duo from Berlin, consisting of Hannah, writing and covering all the vocals, and Alex, guitar, piano and accordion multi-instrumentalist that co-writes and produces the songs.

Hannah and Alex met online through a mutual friend and decided to make music together. The group cites influences from Lana Del Rey and Lorde as well as German born film score composer Hans Zimmer.

During Covid-19 lockdown, Hannah and Alex spent most of their time at Sonic Boom Studios in Berlin where they wrote and recorded 6 different remix versions of ‘I Speak Through Storms’. All 6 songs have now been released on their latest EP ‘I Speak Through Storms (Remixed)’.

They teamed up with two other producers to create a metal-rock version and an electronic version of the song. To round it up, Alex delivers a trap version as well as two different instrumentals.

Song #4 on this EP, which is the Night Drive Version made by Alex and Hannah, has now been picked out as the single that stands out most and is for all indie rock/dark pop lovers.

The song is about the destroyed relationship between nature and humanity. Mother nature is complaining about the way humanity treats the once so close bond.

Everything they write, so the duo, “is based on our personal experiences. Sometimes you create a new reality, but it is still filled with your own suffering and sometimes it is all pure and raw out of your own life”.

EP ‘I Speak Through Storms’ (remixed)

1. I Speak Through Storms – Alexander Khromov Remix - Honey&Eve, Alexander Khromov

2. I Speak Through Storms - Honey&Eve, Blcksmth

3. I Speak Through Storms - Honey&Eve, Tobias Sasse

4. I Speak Through Storms – Night Drive Version - Honey&Eve

5. I Speak Through Storms – Instrumental (Alexander Khromov Remix) -

Honey&Eve, Alexander Khromov

6. I Speak Through Storms – Night Drive Version Instrumental -

Honey&Eve, Alexander Khromov

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