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New Music: Hugo M. Hardy "Trainspotting"

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

He may be fairly new to releasing music but Hugo M. Hardy can certainly write a song!

Trainspotting was inspired by a period of grief and heartbreak and is the first track to be taken from his upcoming album. These emotions, while tragic, often provide the sharpest creativity and this has most definitely been the case for Hugo.

Trainspotting is a heart-wrenching tune, beautifully complicated in its simplicity. Piano, drums, strings and guitar take it in turns to step up and lead the song along, while Hugo's vocals, sparse but on point, tell the story in a delicate, poignant way.

"Trainspotting is a song about the nostalgic feeling of watching the people around me growing up, and feeling like the glory days are behind us. It’s quite self-reflective, and also hints towards me questioning whether I’ve made the right decisions, or whether I could be doing things better. I think it’s a feeling that lots of mid-20 people seem to be going through at the moment."

I'm told that Hugo's whole album was created when he isolated himself up a mountain, with only a few pieces of recording equipment, an acoustic guitar and a couple of books. If that's true, then I doff my cap to the brilliance that is Trainspotting.

It's songs like this that remind me why I love what I do


Our rating: 9.6/10


If you like Trainspotting, let Hugo know by clicking the ❤ below

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