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new music: hullah "chasing trains"

We don't often receive atmospheric trip-hop songs here at It's Indie Towers, but after hearing Hullah's latest single Chasing Trains, we hope that we start to receive more!

HULLAH is a London-based writer-producer, sound designer and half of the electro-pop duo Futuretape. Born in the Midlands, he relocated to the capital in 2013 and creates music inspired by a passion for nightlife culture and stories from the queer community.

Wrapped in the sonic flavours of trip-hop, 90’s house and synth-pop, HULLAH’s tracks emulate a nocturnal spirit and are complemented by the themes of city living, alienation, ambition and a sense of dejection - commonly expressed through his lyrics. His songs, both introspective and solitary, offer insight into how he navigates his way through the noise and distortion of everyday city life.

Chasing Trains invites you to travel and watch your surroundings rush by. Indeed, this is the subject of the track, an attempt to make sense of the grind and chase of city life.

I’ve often felt motionless, as if I wasn’t moving anywhere. Despite living in a big and beautiful city that is filled with opportunity, it’s hectic, unforgiving and I always feel like I’ve got somewhere to go but nowhere to be.

A delicate soundscape forms the foundation for the song, with some of the smoothest synth sounds adding a delightful depth. The bass comes in at the perfect points throughout and the track is tied together with the eerily delicate, echoed vocals to create this masterclass in ambient electronic music.

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