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New Music: Husk "Heal With Time"

We love a bit of pop music here at It's Indie Towers, and we can always rely on Husk to deliver the goods!

We're getting used to being spoiled by Manchester's Husk who have mastered the art of 80's synth pop revival. We first discovered this pop powerhouse last year with the uber-catchy "Feeling Heat" and the equally amazing "Below The Neck" earlier this year and it's great to hear that the newest track to come from the Husk camp is continuing the tradition of forcing us to break out our hairbrush microphones and dancing around the living room.

"Heal With Time" hits you with another incredible bass synth and Alfie delivers another massive vocal that fools you into believing that this is a happy love song... but no, it's a trap! It's actually a sad tale of realising that there are cracks in a relationship and the way to deal with them is to paper over those cracks, hoping that they'll go away.

Husk continues to effortlessly put together massive tunes like this and long may it continue!

Our rating: 9.0/10


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