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New Music: in earnest "Put Me Under"

in earnest it's indie music
in earnest, laughing at one of my hilariously funny jokes.

Today marks the release of in earnest's brand new single "Put Me Under"

Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, in earnest consist of Sarah, Thomas and Toby, the band are keen to use their craft to raise the subject of mental health. The trio have done away with the traditional dominance of big, in-your-face instruments, instead leaning towards clever arrangement of delicate sound to build beautiful, poignant music that will resonate with many.

"Put Me Under" follows this formula and brings together delicate acoustic guitar with the occasional delicate electric effected guitar (including a beautiful solo), topped with Sarah's hauntingly beautiful vocals and Thomas's equally haunting harmonising.

in earnest have a 6 track EP on the horizon, in which they explore some difficult themes such as loneliness and desperation. It's promising to be an intricate, thoughtful and emotional release and one that will shine a light, not only on the difficult themes but on the band themselves, as they prove themselves as masters of sad indie.


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