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new music: lee cole "cold"

Lee Cole explores the fear of loving with his latest single ‘Cold’

Photo Credit - Kyle Sloan

Cold is the latest power-ballad from Johannesburg-based singer-songwriter Lee Cole and it's probably his best release yet! His clever, heart-wrenching lyrics are matched perfectly to the beautifully delicate orchestral threads and intricate piano that tie the song together.

“‘Cold’ was a song I wrote while in the USA in 2019. I was there for 3 months and was at quite a low in my life. ‘Cold’ represents change to me. It’s about admitting that maybe you don’t know how to love and that the person you’re trying to love is better off without you. Its bittersweet because on one hand you don’t want to feel lonely; you crave that companionship, but on the other hand you keep hurting the people closest to you because you’re scared to love.”

Vocally, I hear shades of Lewis Capaldi but with much more ooomph, the power in his voice certainly stands out when the orchestral piece reaches its crescendo. The result is an emotionally haunting combination that ends rather unexpectedly, leaving an imprint that leads you to prepare for a second crescendo that never arrives.

Lee has made something of a career with his big, powerful ballads. His 2020 single I Don't Wanna Wait has racked up over 600,000 Spotify plays and his portfolio is littered with emotive songs that are sure to bring a tear to even the most hardened eye!

Cold is the last single out from Lee Cole’s debut EP and the body of work will be made up of songs such as ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’, ‘Pink Dragons’ and all those released in 2020 and 2021, with the EP available following the release of ‘Cold’. Definitely one to watch!

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