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New Music: Lex Low "Feel More"

I think that it is fair to say that the majority of songs begin with a story, and that having an emotional connection to that story gives the song much more feeling. Hearing "Feel More," the new song from Lex Low, those feelings and emotions come across loud and clear.

Lex Low is an alt pop singer, songwriter and producer, currently based in London and has been releasing music since 2016. His latest offering, "Feel More" is a heartfelt look back at a turbulent period in his life when, aged 10, his parents separated. The song places the singer right back in the time and Lex is quick to explain:

“Songwriting allows me to explore parts of my life and present them as a true reflection of a moment. I tried to paint a picture of my state of mind at the time; the lyrics are a little naive in ‘Feel More’ - ‘red carpet, red heart, red face, you know I read your face’, I wanted to take the listener back to that time and be there with me."

The song itself is beautifully crafted with elements of electronic ambience and drums, with some vocal acrobatics in the pre-chorus and a beautifully simple chorus. With vocal elements appearing and repeating from all directions, the image of imposing and confused thoughts are implied, as the thoughts of a 10 year old might be when facing the separation of parents.

"I wanted to write a track that felt honest and raw, it’s a snapshot of my emotions at the time - not necessarily the way I still feel. I love both my parents.”

I believe that "Feel More" has everything in just the right measure. It's a privileged deep insight into the personal thoughts of the artist and how the memories of that 10 year old boy are interpreted today. I'm more than happy to give this song an It's Indie rating of 9.6/10


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