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New Music: Lightning Reviews (Edition 10)

Well, would you look at that, we're already at our 10th edition of Lightning Reviews! With this feature we try to bring a bunch of indie artists a little illumination in bitesize chunks, with a review of 40 words or under. Let's dive right in!

The Jailbirds: Dull My Brain

With more than a pinch of Aerosmith or GNR, Dull My Brain will whisk you back to the 70's/80's rock era and remind you just how great that time was.

Strap yourselves in because this is a great ride!


Our rating: 9.0/10

Dani Saldo: No Strings Attached

21 year old Canadian-based Dani Saldo releases her second single, a tale of carefree young love. I vaguely remember those days...

Dreamy vocals and uplifting dance pop vibes make No Strings Attached an essential addition to your Summer playlist.


Our rating: 9.1/10

Lexie Palms: Can It Be Me?

Chilled vibes from Portugal debutant Lexie Palms.

Lexie's unique, sultry voice sits proudly atop another chilled summer track that ticks all the contemporary pop boxes, creating a radio-worthy track and suggesting a big future for this young lady!


Our rating: 8.7/10

Family Jools: Georgia

This had me from the very first note! Proper sleazy rock 'n' roll, reminiscent of some of the classics, such as the Beatles or the Stones.

It's the kind of song that gets better each time you hear it.


Our rating: 9.6/10

Civic Green: There Is Always A Light

Sometimes, we label songs as Anthems. Sometimes, we name them Bangers. Civic Green's debut single "There Is Always A Light" is an absolutely banging anthem.

Seriously, these guys formed in 2019 and they come up with tracks like this already? Keep your eye on this one folks, they're going places!


Our rating: 9.8/10


Follow all of these great artists on Social Media:

The Jailbirds: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify

Dani Saldo: Facebook, Spotify

Lexie Palms: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify

Family Jools: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify

Civic Green: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify

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