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new music: LT "act your age"

Image credit: @SheisAphrodite

LT, formerly known as Leanne Tennant, is a hard-working independent artist from Ellesmere Port, UK, currently residing in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. She is set to perform a series of intimate shows to celebrate her latest single 'Act Your Age' and has more new music on the way.

LT draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including Devon Cole, Lily Meola, Goldfrapp, and Kimbra. Her music incorporates elements of MARINA, Sohodolls, and Melanie Martinez. In her latest video, LT leads a group of dance-possessed employees in a rebellion against conformity and societal expectations.

LT says: “ACT YOUR AGE is a driving, rhythmically charged bop that explores and rejects the constraints of society. It is an argument against society's expectations to fit into a certain framework to be deemed acceptable. That you must be of a certain age, look and act a certain way, or have a 9-5 and life-long debt. Filmed in one day at Brisbane City Hall, it provided the crew and I with a lot of laughs, sweat, goosebumps, and old-school dance battles. The creatives involved were from different walks of life, with varying ages, backgrounds and skillsets, but together we told one story. It was the best day!”

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