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New Music Alert: Pioneers "What Can I Say?"

Following the release of "I Don't Think I've Changed" last Summer, Pioneers reappear with their energetic new single "What Can I Say?"

A wall of sound confronts you from the moment you press play, siren-like guitars heralding the arrival of this, Pioneers most aggressive track to date.

Sure, they still bring oodles of the nostalgia that they have become renowned for but "What Can I Say" dials the angst up to the max, the unrelenting drums driving you along at a breathless pace and the ever-faithful rhythmic hand clapping adding a nice touch to the chorus.

“What Can I Say? Is our most ambitious track to date.  We were passionate about being true to ourselves with this release.  The track highlights that we are not here to conform to music and cultural norms; instead, we are showing who we really are.  I believe this tune captures the essence of us as a live band, which is always something we’ve prided ourselves on.” - Sam Watts

Pioneers clearly don't like to be pigeon-holed into any particular genre and this is what sets them apart from many current artists. We hear that they've amassed a veritable cornucopia of new music for the coming months. Bring it on, I say!

You can catch Pioneers at their much anticipated hometown gig at The 1865 in Southampton on 13th March.

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