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New Music: September Round-Up (Part 1)

You don't need me to bleat about the difficulties that the music industry faces at the moment but despite everything, artists are still producing and releasing great music. Let's have another delve into the It's Indie postbag!

Maya Maya: Cutting Teeth

Yes, I know I'm late (again!) - Maya Maya released their debut EP back in July and whilst I promised to review it back then, things got a bit cray-cray (do people still say that? Did they ever say it?)

The EP is a collection of four clever, thoughtful songs, diverse but maintaining a tight style throughout. In each song, lead singer Clara Robb demonstrates her ability to turn her hand at differing emotions - from the bitter sweet vulnerability of Driving Range to the playful acrobatics of Both Names.

The whole EP encompasses the subject of growing up, the ups and downs that we've all faced at some point. Maya Maya seem to have found in interesting niche sound and that's quite an achievement for a debut EP. All in all, they're showing a definite promise.

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Michael Baker - How Come You Sleep

Regular followers of our reviews will recognise Michael Baker from way back in April, where we reviewed his incredible album Salt.

Michael is just putting the finishing touches to his brand new album but has treated us to an early release of the title track How Come You Sleep.

Created and produced during the lockdown, and featuring harmonicas, a double bass and some inspired organ playing, topped off with Michael's familiarly haunting voice, How Come You Sleep is a delightful three-minute composition that is the perfect follow-up to the afore-mentioned Salt album.

Michael continues to impress me with his ability to know exactly which buttons to press to trigger emotions in the listener. His brand new album is due to be released in February 2021 and I already know that it's going to be something very, very special.

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The Foolks - We'll All Get Nothing To See

I've got a lot of time for The Foolks.

An online collaboration of four chaps from across the world, the band was formed during the pandemic and have never met. It's a formula that's filled with a series of unique difficulties (touring, for example!) and I know first hand how that feels, with my own virtual band.

We'll All Get Nothing To See is the band's second single from their forthcoming debut album and it's a trip into Classic Blues territory. Beautifully put together, you wouldn't believe that this was recorded with thousands of miles between each musician.

Inspired by the desire to leave the planet as it heads on a seemingly inevitable course to destruction, the song contains one of the sweetest guitar solos you are likely to hear for some time!

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