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New Music: September Round-Up (Part 2)

Crikey, September is running away at a ferocious pace and we have so much great new music still to bring you...

Poploader: Summerboy Blues

Let's kick off with Indie-Pop band Poploader, and their debut single Summerboy Blues.

As debut's go, this one is one is right up there with some of the best. It's a 3 minute feel good pop wonder, and don't we all need one of those right now?

I'm getting whiffs of Lightning Seeds... an ultra catchy bop with an ultra catchy chorus. And as for Poploader themselves, they're definitely ones to watch!


Our rating: 9.1/10

Bradford: Like Water

They've been away for over thirty years but Bradford are back with their epic new track Like Water.

Back then, Bradford were tipped for big things by Morrissey. These days, the lineup still consists of founding members Ian and Ewan, but have now been joined by producer Stephen Street (Blur, New Order, Kaiser Chiefs) as a permanent member and the band are about to release a brand new album Bright Hours.

Like Water is a brooding indie rock track, definitely reminiscent of the 90s but bang up to date. Bold guitar riffs built on a steady bass and drum foundation, the vocals add a glorious finishing touch to a great song.

I didn't hear Bradford back in the day... that was a mistake!


Our rating: 9.2/10

Asha Gold: Debut

Bringing a touch of R'n'B and pop to the proceedings, Asha Gold's third release, Debut, is the first track from her forthcoming debut EP.

Telling the tale of falling in love, Debut is the ideal platform for Asha to demonstrate her chilled out side, allowing you to hear the purity of her voice, without having to impress you with vocal acrobatics. Musically, there's a lot going on, with pizzicato strings being an unexpected addition!

Asha's upcoming EP looks set to be an impressive debut release! (see what I did there?)


Our rating: 8.6/10

Alex Frew: Antisocial Love Song

This, I like a lot!

Alex Frew is a singer/songwriter still in his teens but boy, can he write a tune! Antisocial Love Song is the second release from Alex, and it sums me (and I imagine countless others!) up to a tee.

Telling the tale of someone who wants to be alone but still wants to be in love, Antisocial Love Song took on a much more serious tone during the pandemic.

It's a pop infused ballad-type song, with a prominent kick drum leading you through the through the story. Alex's voice is paired perfectly with the vocal talents of A Is For Arrows to create this excellent track. Altogether, the songwriting, production and delivery of the song exude quality and I've got a feeling we'll be hearing much more from Alex Frew.


Our rating: 9.7/10

Ask Carol: Do It In LA

Norwegian Alt-Pop duo Ask Carol return with another catchy tune, Do It In LA.

A deviation from their usual, slightly darker sound, this is a toe-tapping tune that simultaneously pokes fun at the Hollywood "plastic" culture whilst dreaming of making it big over there. The song has been described as if Blondie had a kid with Paramore... and I don't think I can better that summary!

It's a little bit punk, a little bit pop/rock and a whole lot of attitude, a track worthy of the label "proper chooon!" (3 'o's!)


Our rating: 8.9/10


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