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New Music: September Round-Up (Part 3)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I thought long and hard about what to call this post and in the end, I settled for "September Round-Up (Part 3)". Clever, I know...

Anyway, I wanted to squeeze in as many top new tunes as I can before the end of the month...

Dalmas: You Say

Manchester's Dalmas are no strangers to us at It's Indie, with their previous two singles Draw The Line and Mary quickly becoming firm favourites.

You Say is a return to the indie rock sound that the band are known for, it's the first track to come from their upcoming EP and it's a gem of a song.

It's the tale of a relationship breakdown, but clinging on, even though you know it's the wrong thing to do. The chorus, heart-felt and emotional, is one that will stick with you - so be warned!

Altogether, a great preview of the EP to come!


Our rating: 9.0/10

Butterjunk - Woodside

The new single from Butterjunk, Woodside, has a lot going for it. It's difficult to pigeonhole - it sits somewhere between indie rock and indie pop, but with a dreampop sound that bridges the genre gap perfectly.

Slow and eerie, with the obligatory spacial reverb on vocals, this is such a good track to wind down to. Don't be lulled though, because Woodside comes complete with an anthemic chorus, which lifts the track into atmospheric territory.


Our rating: 9.0/10

Charles Connolly - Never Said Goodbye

Charles Connolly has been making music for several years, but has only recently decided to take the plunge and expose his compositions to the world. And thank goodness he decided to do so!

Never Said Goodbye is a dark, brooding song about ending a relationship without explaining why. Musically, the deep bass, and choir background gives you that dark undertone that underlines the story of the song.

For me, the real eye-opener is that Charles has done everything himself. The music, the production, the vocals, all very impressive indeed. Add to this, the female vocals is also Charles and you understand what makes this singer/songwriter so unique and interesting.

Top drawer stuff!


Our rating: 9.4/10

Jack Errington: Drunk And High

Returning with his pop-infused/R'n'B track Drunk And High, Jack Errington has once again demonstrated why he is fast becoming known as Sydney's "rising pop prince."

Drunk And High is a cautionary tale of reckless behaviour, a first hand recollection of dark times for Jack, as he encourages you not to make the same mistakes. The song itself is of a similar style to that you might expect from Charlie Puth or Justin Bieber, with its double-tracked vocal harmonies. Overall, a very accomplished tune from a promising young talent!


Our rating: 8.8/10

Hugo Valentine - Rule The World

Hugo Valentine, that colourful hat-wearing singer-songwriting genius, returns with his brand new single Rule The World.

A skippy little number, reminds me somewhat of Daniel Powter's hit "Bad Day" for some reason, it's an uplifting tune, driven along by an impressive bluesy piano. As ever, Hugo tops the song off with his excellent lyrics, perfectly executed with his immaculate vocals.

With a song like this, you'd expect a really catchy hook and Rule The World lives up to you expectations, delivering one of those choruses that make other songwriters wish they had written it.

Hugo Valentine is one cool dude, and his music is really cool too. I'm not in the slightest bit jealous.


Our rating: 9.5/10

Seth Daniels - My Girl

Earlier this year, we introduced you to the charismatic Seth Daniels - frontman of the uber-popular Queen tribute act Majesty. Following the lockdown and the inability for the band to tour, Seth set about writing and recording his own solo project and My Girl is his second offering.

My Girl sets out it's stall from the get go, and you just know that those first few lines are going to stick with you throughout the song and beyond.

This pop/rock track, just like the previous earworm "These Are The Times", sees everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. Built on a foundation of a solid guitar track, the ultra catchy individual vocal elements combine to create a truly unforgettable song

Seth has mastered the formula for creating perfect songs and I believe that he is building up to becoming something pretty special!


Our rating: 9.6/10

j. pastel - Senegal

Chicago's j. pastel are a bedroom pop duo, formed in 2019 and they're preparing to release their debut EP with the release of lead track Senegal.

We're talking funky basslines, layered with 80's style synth and some pretty special guitar tracks. Double vocal tracks feature tight harmonies and the whole song reminds me of the very excellent Take This Love by Brothers & Company (check it out to see if you agree with me?)

The song is absolutely the perfect tune for you to cling to the ever-distant memories of summer, with its cool beach vibes. Grab yourself a cocktail, put on your shorts and chill out to this excellent tune

The EP is due out in early 2021 and it's one I'm looking forward to hearing!


Our rating: 9.2/10


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