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New Music: Seth Daniels "These Are The Times"

Artists everywhere are feeling the pain, after the coronavirus continues to have a stranglehold on the music industry. Perhaps feeling that pain a little more than most is Seth Daniels.

Seth Daniels

Seth is used to the big stage after performing as Freddie Mercury as part of International Touring Queen Tribute Show “Majesty”, but now finds himself without a job. 

The effects of COVID-19 left a devastating impact on the careers of musicians around the world.  Overnight Seth went from one of the biggest touring artists in the UK to suddenly struggling to pay the bills.

“One day we were performing at The O2 Southampton, the next it was all gone.  I sat there for weeks thinking, that’s it – it’s over!” says Seth following the UK lockdown.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Seth decided that now was the time to write and record his own music and so today, 3rd July, Seth's debut single "These Are The Times" is available on all major platforms.

"These Are The Times" is a dark, brooding overview of the word today and is.. I'm going to say it... an anthem. But that's only what you'd expect from someone who dares to front a Queen tribute band with the same showmanship and energy as Freddie himself. Don't let the Queen thing fool you though. Seth isn't an impersonator and "These Are The Times" is 100% Seth Daniels. His voice definitely lends itself to this classic rock genre and there is no question that here is a singer who is going to set the music industry alight.

Musically, the song hits you with some big power chords and Seth even throws in a bit of rapping for good measure. If it were possible to include a kitchen sink, I'm pretty sure that would be in there too. All in all, as a debut single goes, this puts down a very powerful marker. Time will tell whether we see "Majesty" on the other side of the lockdown but one thing is for sure - we'll definitely be seeing more of Seth Daniels.

Our rating: 9.2/10


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