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New Music: Sinclair "Burn 'em Down"

Brand new Manchester five piece alternative rock band Sinclair release have released their debut single Burn 'em Down and it's definitely one to watch!

black & white image of five me stading in front of industrial buildings
None of the band were prepared to admit they were lost and this was probably not Wembley Arena

You might think that 2020 would be an unfortunate time to form a band but Sinclair don't seem to be the kind of band who want to follow the rules. Having said that, Oliver (Vocals), Chandler (Lead Guitar), Benjamin (Rhythm Guitar), Billie (Bass Guitar) and Benjamin (Drums) are at least observing the Rule of 6...

Burn 'em Down is a protest against the establishment and the band make their point very loudly. The full-length version begins with a series of emergency service sirens, indicating the emergency that the song implies, whilst the radio edit wastes no time in getting the point across.

The song kicks off with some heavy guitar riffs and acrobatic bass, before we're treated to a passionate call to arms from frontman Oliver Crompton's excitable vocals, distorted, reverbed and driven, leaving you in absolutely no doubt that they're not overly happy with the current people in power.

The song moves along at a relentless pace, only pausing briefly during the bridge, before delivering the powerful chorus again, ending as it began, those sirens to remind you of the urgency of the situation the country faces.

Despite having only formed this year, Sinclair have already managed to perform a bunch of Manchester-based gigs and Burn 'em Down is the first of three songs that they plan to release over the coming months. Keep an eye out, things are gonna get feisty!

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