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new music: teose "oh"

Glasgow based 3 piece TEOSE release their new single Oh - and it's a beauty!

TEOSE press photo its indie music
Photo: Aodhan Gallagher (

Over the past year or so, TEOSE have quietly been going about their business, writing and self-releasing a series of tracks that cleverly traverse the New Wave, Dream Pop and Grunge genres in a blend that really shouldn't work but really does.

Oh is deceptive. It's upbeat, pop infused guitar riffs belie the lyrics that tell the story of inner torture and insecurity. It flip flops between perspectives, the self-critical, self-destructive side being admonished by the almost parental opposing view, giving rise to the petulant finger-in-the-ear "la la la" behaviour in the chorus.

This is a great introduction to the band and I'm pretty sure you'll be adding them to your list of new favourites!

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