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New Music: The Arosa "In Chemicals"

It's common knowledge that musicians spend a huge majority of their time on the road. Many is the time I spent sleeping in my car after a gig. Mainly because I'd left the lights on in my 1984 Seat Ibiza and had a flat battery. So it's good to know that the tradition lives on in the form of The Arosa - who travel the country in the boot of their Seat Arona, the very brand from which they take their name (but which has been cleverly adjusted so as to avoid court proceedings)

The Arosa are James Storey (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ben Griffin (lead guitarist/backing vocals), Joe Turner (bass guitar/backing vocals) and Ben Jones (drums) and they're an alternative pop collection from Birmingham. They've been making music since 2018 and have released four singles to date, the current being the firecracker that is "In Chemicals"

Described as 'Flaming guitars with a Stone Roses resonance, machine-gun drums, chant-like vocals and a highly infectious chorus to yell out at the top of your lungs' - and this is a pretty fair summary.

"In Chemicals" is a marvellous example of their "Britpop meets Madchester" sound. Starting off with a nonchalant guitar and building up the sound throughout with an ominous undertone to a chorus of the highest quality, the music inevitably hits a crescendo midway through and even has time for a screaming guitar solo. Storey's vocals are edgy with just a touch of arrogance - and the absolute perfect style for the song.

Give the song a listen and you'll hear a few subtle elements of early New Order. You may also hear a touch of METHODS or The Jack Fletcher Band - and these are certainly great company to be in the presence of.

The Arosa are a very exciting young band and you can catch them live at the following:

28 March - The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham

10 April - The Finsbury, London

1 May - Roadtrip & The Workshop, Hoxton, London

5 September - Have You Heard? Festival - Derby


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