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new music: third lung "what is a life"

Following on from their incredible singles I A Fire and Hold The Line, Third Lung release their new single What Is A Life?

I'm going to be honest here - Third Lung are perhaps my favourite band this year. I A Fire is probably the most played song on my Spotify account (and rightly so!) and so I was nervous to hear of the new track landing.

Thankfully, my fears were quickly dispelled because What Is A Life is quite simply brilliant. The sound that the band create is breath-taking and Tom's vocals are off the scale.

Third Lung are Sam (drums), Cams (guitar), Rob (bass) and Tom (vocals, guitar) and they're from Reading. They've been around for a while and their back catalogue is littered with amazing songs but for me, 2021 has been their best year so far. With all their songs, expect to hear huge indie rock anthems or the most powerful of power ballads, most of which will leave you scratching your head, how did four people manage to create such a huge wall of sound?

What Is A Life continues this familiar style, the band creating a mesmerising, powerful base for Tom's searing vocals as they ask the question, what is a life if spent alone, without the help and guidance of others?

Based on this philosophy, the band have partnered with local business The Loddon Brewery to develop Loddfest - a brand new rock music festival, coming on 18th September. Loddfest will consist of two stages: The Tapyard Stage, featuring 9 powerful indie rock bands, and The Brewhouse Stage, which features 6 solo artists.

So what is to come for Third Lung? Shortly after Loddfest, their 4th single of the year, Climb, will be released on 24th September, ahead of their 6 track EP Dialogues Of The Fatal Few. In addition, they'll be performing as Main Support to The Wendy James Band on 1st October, and you can catch them at Are You Listening festival in Reading on 9th October.

Our rating: 9.8/10

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