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New Single Alert: Jack The Rabbit "Colourblind"

The South West of England is fast emerging as a hotbed of up and coming artists and Bath's JACK THE RABBIT are certainly no exception.

Originally the brainchild of frontman Matt Donnelly, JACK THE RABBIT are a

4-piece indie band who blend dynamic guitar hooks with ‘80s synth and cleverly woven stories, coming together to produce a buoyant and optimistic sound reminiscent of Blossoms or The Night Café.

"Colourblind" fits the blueprint perfectly and is exactly what we've come to expect from the band. Synths that twinkle, driven by some impressive bass guitar work, a steady drum beat and guitar riffs that certainly make their presence felt.

Donnelly's voice brings the finishing touch with a performance that intertwines with the guitar and never overwhelms, allowing the whole band to demonstrate their infectious sound.

It's a tried and tested formula which shows no sign of growing old and hearing a band put the ingredients together with what appears to be such ease is certainly going to be the key to helping them take that next step into the indie spotlight.

‘Colourblind’ was released on Friday 13th December.

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